Message from the School Administration

Happy New Year!

Dear Parents,

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!

This month, our ESL students will be participating in the annual ACCESS Testing. Their results also become part of our annual Accountability Report through the Massachusetts Department of Education.

We anticipate the Aitken Building Addition Project will be commencing this spring. There will be some challenges with parking in the main lot near the basketball court for a short period of time so that the construction crew can access the drains beneath the parking lot. We will be sure to share information and plans to make drop offs as smooth as possible as soon as we confirm the dates with the project manager.

Aitken Website

Our school’s website is always updated and provides information for parents including our calendar of events. Many teachers also added pages on the website: Please check us out and put us on your list of favorites.

Aitken PTO

The Aitken Parent Teacher Organization is an integral part of the success of Aitken School. There are monthly meetings and numerous opportunities throughout the year to become involved in your child’s school. The PTO is not a club and there are no fees. The Aitken PTO is a truly collaborative and wonderful organization to get involved in where you will learn more about our school’s programs and help support your child’s school experiences as well.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, December 4th and will begin promptly at 6:30 PM an end at 7:30 PM. We hope to see you there!

Aitken School Council

The Aitken School Council assists the principal in:

  1. Adopting educational goals for the schools
  2. Reviewing the annual school building budget
  3. Formulating the School Improvement Plan and
  4. Completing tasks which the school committee may determine.

Council members are elected to 2-year terms and the meetings are open to the public. The Aitken School Council will meet at 3:15 PM on the following date: February 11, 2020

Student Arrival & Dismissal Information

Students should arrive at school between 8:45-9:00 a.m. *Please note that there is no supervision before 8:45 when students are allowed to enter the school.

  • Please be mindful of other drivers and children during student drop-off and pick-up. You need to either pull into a parking space or pull against the curb in the parking lot by the basketball court.
  • Students in grades pre-K-3 should enter through the left rear door of the school by the basketball courts.
  • Students in grades 4-5 should enter through the right rear door entrance by Rye street.
  • Dismissal is at 3:05 p.m. Students are dismissed out of the same doors at the end of the day. As in the morning, there is no supervision of the playground after 3:05 p.m. and therefore, walkers must go home at the close of school.

School Breakfast, Lunch & Milk

The price of school breakfast & lunch will remain the same this year. The cost for breakfast, which is served daily from 8:45-9:00 a.m., is $1.25 (reduced cost for qualified families is $.30),

The lunch cost is $2.75 (reduced cost for qualified families is $.40) which includes milk. Milk purchased separately is $.50 (there is no reduced cost for milk).

Please come and see us!

Our doors are always open to you. Please don’t hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher or us if you have any questions or concerns (508-336-5230).

Yours truly,

Mr. John Haidemenos, Jr. Principal
Mr. David Graf Assistant Principal

“Aitken Rockets Reach for the Stars!"

PTO News

Giving Tree

The Aitken PTO has begun ‘The Antonieta Vargas Surette Giving Tree Program’ which is an annual gift card collection which will allow the school administration to provide families with support when needed. The collection will be yearlong for families to donate whatever they wish, whenever they wish. This program is a wonderful way to pay it forward for families in our community. The Aitken PTO extends a heartfelt thank you to those families that have already begun donating. Your support and generosity are very much appreciated. Gift card ideas: Stop and Shop, Walmart, Target, gas Cards, etc. Every little bit helps in a big way!


Remember when you are shopping on Amazon to click on Amazon Smile. A percentage of what you spend goes back to the charity of your choosing. This is no cost to you and another way to help the PTO continue funding all the great events at the school. If you guys could please select the Mildred H. Aitken PTO as your designated organization we would really appreciate it! As you know every cent counts and every cent goes towards our children's education, what could be better than that? just click below and favoritize it to use throughout the year!

Box Tops for Education

Do you have the all-new Box Tops app? If not, you're gonna want to get it now—Box Tops clips are being phased out of production and the program is going digital! Just scan your store receipt with the app and it will instantly identify participating products and automatically add those Box Tops to our schools earnings totals. Get more details and see how it works here:

Past, Present and Upcoming Events

Past Events

Holiday Shop: Special thanks to everyone who volunteered this year to help with the holiday shop. It was a huge success and we sold out of products the first day and had to buy more supplies. This is a year long endeavour and we are always looking for volunteers and for help shopping.

If you are a bargain shopper who is interested in shopping and gathering items for the following year please email is at:

Christmas for Kids Toy Drive: Our toy drive was a huge success. Thank you to our generous community we were able to deliver two car loads of toys to children in need. 

Upcoming Events

Calendar Raffle: This money goes towards the various school events throughout the year. We ask that each student sell at least 6 calendars. There will be a daily winner, and a prize for the top 3 sellers! Each calendar is $10. Please have all forms and money by January 24th! All checks to be made payable to the Aitken PTO. Good luck to All!

If you have any questions, we can be contacted by email at

Remember to like and share us on Facebook at Aitken School PTO.


February 5th at 6:30 pm in the school library
- babysitting provided in the gym by the Key Club.



8th - PTO Meeting @6:30 pm
20th - Martin Luther King Day No School


ALL month - Calendar Raffle!
4th - Early Release
5th - PTO Meeting @6:30 pm
10th - 14th - Reading Week
17th - 21st - Winter Vacation - No School!

From the Nurse’s Office, Mrs. Devane


Hello Aitken Families,

Thank you to all who have contributed to holiday donations for families in need this season. It is very much appreciated! Vision and hearing screenings for grades 1-5 will soon be conducted. A note will be sent home indicating which day your child will be screened. A letter will be sent home for those students having difficulty with the vision or hearing screening.

Clothing needed…If your child has outgrown sweatpants or other comfortable clothing that you would like to donate, please consider sending them to the school. Extra clothes come in handy when students fall in a puddle at recess or spill water or milk on themselves at lunch.

Winter Safety TipsDress Warm

  • Wear warm clothing, and have your children come indoors periodically to prevent hypothermia or frostbite.
  • Make sure your kids use the proper gear, like helmets, when they are skiing, snowboarding or playing ice hockey.
  • Even though it’s cold outside, it’s important to use sunscreen and stay hydrated. Compared to adults, children are at increased risk of dehydration (courtesy of
  • Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are functioning properly.

As always, please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.

Reading Resolutions

from Reading Recovery teachers Suzanne Ward-Smith and Joanna Rioux

When you are considering New Year’s Resolutions, think about a few reading resolutions for your family! Here are some ideas that might get you started:

  • Designate a family reading time when everyone spends some time reading quietly.
    Later, share what you’ve been reading with each other.
  • Pick an interesting series with your child (Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Harry Potter, etc) and try reading through it over the course of the year. (In between other reading.)
  • Try a new genre such as poetry, non-fiction, mystery, or other area that you or your child haven’t read before. Make a list of the various genres read over the year.
  • Discover a new author and read some of their books over the course of a month.
  • Find informational books about a topic of special interest and list facts you learn.
  • Find a longer-than-usual book and take turns reading aloud to each other during tasks such as cooking dinner, riding in the car, bath time, etc.
  • Make regular visits to the library.
  • Keep track of minutes, hours, or days spent reading. See how many you can build up during a week, a month, then for the year!
  • Encourage reading when waiting, such as for a ride in the car, at the doctor’s office, while a sibling has a practice or lesson, etc. Create a bag of books just for this purpose to keep in the car.
  • Small changes like these can make a giant difference in the life of a young reader.

Strategies to Help Your Child Deal with Rumors

By, Tara Haggerty

At Aitken School, we teach the children that they are either part of the problem or part of the solution in reducing bullying behavior. Spreading rumors is a common way in which children engage in bullying behavior with each other. Often times, students do not know how to respond when they hear a rumor or when they hear people talking about them. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful to your child in dealing with a rumor situation:

  1. Your child can change the subject when someone approaches them with a rumor. Often times a child can say, “sounds like a rumor to me” and then change the subject. It is helpful to change the subject to something of high interest to the other person.
  2. Your child could “throw the rumor away” and not spread it to someone else.
  3. Your child can report rumors to an adult.
  4. Your child can be assertive with the person and ask them to stop spreading rumors.
  5. It is important to remind your child that they should go to a trusted adult and not a peer if they need advice about a conflict with their friends. (This is how a lot of rumors get started)
  6. If the rumor is about your child, encourage them to use confident body language, not show a reaction to their classmates and tell an adult.
  7. Encourage your child to brainstorm other solutions to handle rumors.

It is important to discuss and practice these strategies even if your child is not currently involved in a rumor situation so they can be prepared for any potential problem.

Aitken library is now on instagram!

Follow Aitken library to get updates on library programs, new books, fun lessons, and other communications!


Interested in donating to our library collection? I have created an Amazon wish list that is full of student requests. This is a great way to help keep our kids reading with up to date, quality books! I will add your child’s name to the inside cover of the book with a “This Book Was Donated by…….” stamp. Thank you in advance for your help!

Amazon Wishlist

Lost or damaged books will need to be replaced. Please send in check made out to “Town of Seekonk” on your child’s library day.

Thank you to all of the families who have generously donated books to the library! The students are thrilled with the new additions!

New additions to our collection include:

From the Art Room

Greetings Aitken families and Happy New Year! Square 1 Art was a smashing success and we just received a check for over $2000! I would like to thank every single family that participated and made this a possibility. The PTO will be managing the money, and soon I will be able to go out and purchase some exciting technology and materials for the art room. Thank you so much for helping our art program.

There is more exciting news to share as well. I applied for and have been awarded a $500 grant from the generous Seekonk Cultural Council for arts programming! I am hoping to book the Tape Art people! The Tape Art people are a group of famous artists that started their world wide fame right here in our neighboring Providence, Rhode Island at RISD. They will be visiting Aitken and teaching our artists how to use masking tape to make large artworks on the walls of our school! I can’t wait to see our hallways covered with amazing creative tape art! More information to follow.

As usual, our students are hard at work. Pre-K and Kindergarten are working on color theory and are participating in the magic of mixing colors. First grade is learning about landscapes and are creating their very own winter wonderland paintings. Second grade will soon be starting their superhero selfies! Third grade just finished symmetrical mandalas using both color theory and designs made from their names. Soon third grade will start their units on Pop Art and learn about mixing tints, tones and shades while creating food paintings like Pop Artist Wayne Thiebaud. Fourth grade is starting color theory drawings and fifth is working on abstract and experimental paintings.

February and March will be time to make our clay ceramic pieces. Turning on our hot kiln in the winter months helps alleviate the cold outside. Looking forward to staying warm while creating awesome art! Happy Winter!!


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